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Beach Café: Paradise

  • Type of game: 2D Simulation / Minigame
  • Game-Engine: RPGmaker MZ
  • Will be available on: Windows, Mac, Browser / HTML5, Android (Google Play), iOS (Apple-Store)
  • Playable with: keyboard, mouse, controller and via touch.
  • Planned Release: 2024
  • Current phase: in development

Updated: 03. September 2023

About the Game:

Welcome to Beach Cafe Paradise. You are the owner! Take care of the customers, make sure everything is and stays clean, buy ingredients, dishes and decorations, hire employees, rent loungers and parasols on your stretch of beach,…

The special feature: You can customize the game-experience to suit you! By default, it can get stressful at certain times. Do you prefer it to be permanently quiet and relaxed? No problem. You want more stress? No problem.
You will be served with many setting & options, all of which you can adjust to your heart’s content.

There is no goal, but you can set one yourself: Become the top beach cafe in the area. Most customers leave a review, the more awareness, the more opportunities you have. Applications only come in after a certain level of awareness, the better your awareness, the higher the chance of finding good employees. In addition, you will eventually have the opportunity to start certain events.

Take care of the customers: By default, most customers will choose their seat themselves, but there may be a few waiting for the staff. Some are more patient, some less. Take the order, process it and serve it to them. Calculate the price and take the money, if you take too much they will let you know.

Clean up: When the customer is done, tidy up the dishes and throw them in the dishwasher. If necessary, you can also wash by hand. In addition, there may be a spill, so wipe it up. The toilet should also be cleaned from time to time. Some also leave the rubbish on the beach, you have to clean it up.

Buy, Make & Design: Buy coffee beans, milk, as well as ingredients for cakes, new dishes and decorations in your local store or online. To make coffee, you have to operate the coffee machine, you can bake the cake yourself according to the recipe or optionally buy it ready-made. To a certain extent, you can design your beach cafe yourself, tables and chairs can be moved, but you cannot, for example, place chairs anywhere in the room, they can only be placed at tables. The system detects & prohibits “illegal” actions.

Hire employees: When you receive applications, you can accept, reject or ignore them. You can put each employee to the test, assign them one or more jobs, fire them and of course determine the salary. Some are better / faster in certain jobs, so pay attention to that, but you should also consider the wishes of your employees.

Rent loungers and parasols: You also have a small section of beach where you can rent loungers and parasols. Determine the price yourself and who may use the beach section.

Your actions will of course have consequences, whether good or bad you will notice promptly.

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