TeamSpeak 3 Server

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Server Nicknames & IPs:
  • gos
  • gamesofshadows
  • gos-ts-server
  • gos-ts3-server

The server currently has 8 free slots.
Actually 10, but one is occupied by the bot and one is reserved for an admin.

The TeamSpeak 3 Server (GoS-TS3-Server) is an alternative to the Discord-Server (GoS-Discord-Server).

Here you can create temporary voice channels that come with a password. You can change and share the password as you wish. In addition, these channels are all automatically “no poke”-channels, which means that you can play undisturbed.

After all, the motto is: talk and play undisturbed!

  • Special care has been taken to ensure that no one can annoy or spam you with annoying messages (which play a sound at the same time).
  • Three different versions are offered: one with poor, one with normal and one with good audio quality. You can decide for yourself which one you want to take.


Everything is, of course, free and available 24/7. If all slots are occupied or the server / bot is offline / not working for any reason, please let us know (Email: | Discord: klavirmusik).

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