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“Who am I?” will be hopefully an emotional 2D-Story-Game. It’s currently in development, so here you can find more information and screenshots in advance.

Engine: RPGmaker MZ

Developer: Tim / KlavirMusik / GamesOfShadows


You (Cindy) wake up in a hospital and can’t remember anything… not even who you are.

Deep in the forest in the mountains you were found by hikers at the bottom of a cliff, with scratches and injuries all over your body. But you were very lucky, because the suspicion of a fall is high. You could have died, you could have suffered severe paralysis or fractures… but you are fine. Only scratches and slight breaks or bruises…

The only question is, what exactly happened? A simple accident?

You remember hazily that something pushed you forward… was it an attempted murder?!

But a completely different question: who are you?

You didn’t have anything with you to identify yourself, blood tests and fingerprints are carried out in a laboratory to determine your identity. Until then you have enough time to relax, to get to know the people there better… especially one… Josh.

Day 1: Talk to people, get some fresh air and listen to Josh play the guitar.

➥ Day 2: You can now play certain classics in the leisure room with the patients or alone, talk to people again,…

➥ Day 3: You will find out who you are, you will remember part by part…

Certain decisions are offered, depending on which you choose, you can get three slightly different endings.

The playing time should be around 20-30 minutes, if you play it in fast forward.

Umida Ismailova, Alexandre DOUDARD, nikkitamusicWho Am I? - Fiverr orders (Soundtrack-Preview)
GamesOfShadowsWho Am I? - Selfmade (Soundtrack-Preview)

If you would like to support the project financially, there is currently no possibility. But you can help with just words by strengthening motivation. A playable demo would be planned for spring 2022 Because “lack of content” I decided to make no demo! Also, no new screenshots or similar will be published here, HOWEVER, updates about the game may appear in the news / blog area.