Who am I?

Who am I?


You wake up in a hospital without any memories… you don’t even know who you are.

Deep in the forest in the mountains you were found by hikers at the bottom of a cliff, with scratches and bruises all over your body. The suspicion that you fell off that cliff is very high, so you were very lucky. You could have died, you could have been badly paralyzed or something like that… but you’re fine. Only scratches and slight breaks or bruises…

The only question is, what exactly happened? A simple accident?

Dizzily, you remember that something pushed you forward… maybe even attempted murder?!

But a completely different question: who are you?

You had nothing with you to identify yourself, your identity will be determined in a laboratory by taking blood and fingerprints. Until then you have enough time to relax, to get to know the people there better…

especially one… Josh.

Day 1: Welcome to the hospital

Day 2: Your Name

Day 3: Memories…

Certain choices are offered, depending on which you can get three slightly different endings.

The playing time should be around 20-30 minutes if you do a speed-run.

As already said, it will be a short story game and serves as good practice for me and to gain further experience, which should hopefully come in handy for a new and somewhat longer story game.

Will there be a demo?

No. Due to the lack of content, I decided to provide NO demo.

Release Date: Unknown

Engine: RPGmaker MZ

Genre: 2D story game / text adventure

Playable on: PC (Windows), possibly others like Mac & Linux

Age restriction: 16+

Warning: The game covers topics like violence, war, suicide & depression.

Who Am I?Showcase Fiverr-Orders

1. Umida Ismailova - Who am I?

2. Alexandre Doudard - Who am I? (Josh)

3. NIKKITA - Monsters

Who Am I?Showcase self-made

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