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This server is still under construction and inactive!


➥ General rules:

1. No insults or racist & other “bad” expressions in public channels!

2. Be friendly and respectful in public channels (to everyone)!

3. Don’t spam or annoy other peoples! If there is a workaround to get into password protected channels then DON’T use them. Let them play in peace!

4. No pornography or other 18+ stuff in public channels!

5. No racist, pornography or other “bad” Nicknames & Avatars on this server!

6. No bullying!

7. No advertising or “bad” links in public channels!

8. Write / speak only in English in public channels with the british flag!

9. Write / speak only in German in public channels with the german flag!

10. Do not annoy, beg or cry around for roles / ranks and other special things!

11. If you get special permissions like “Move permission”, Talk-Power,… then do not abuse them, only use them for the intended purpose!

Edited: December 25, 2021

On this server you can create temporary channels and play with your friends. Play and talk with each other undisturbed!

Alternatively, public channels can be used. Important: Never give private information, as well as passwords to strangers!

If you have any questions, please contact our Support or an Admin.

✔ We recommend you to contact our Support-Email:

You can also ask us on our Discord-Server.

► Join our Discord-Server:

► What is the difference between a normal and a “… (no poke)” channel?
Users can poke and whisper to you. If you don’t want that, you can join a “… (no poke)” channel.

► What does the ” * ” in a channel name mean?
This means that the channel will offer a higher audio quality but it will drain more resources, therefore your connection might get slower.
(More * = better quality)

► How can I create a temporary channel?
1.) Join an empty “Private-User-Channel # <number>” (scroll down).
2.) You will receive a private message from the GOS-Ts3-Bot.
3.) The private message contains your channel password (it is unique and can be changed at any time).
4.) Pass the password on to your friends.
5.) Talk and play with your friends

► How can I change the password of my temporary channel?
You can change the password by replying to the private message (from the GOS-Ts3-Bot – which contains your Channel-Password) with the command:
!pwc <your-custom-password>
Example: !pwc cookie

► Why I can’t poke or whisper to someone in a temporary channel?
Temporary channels are automatically “… (no poke)” channels. You should be able to talk and play undisturbed with your friends, so please do not annoy other users who want to talk and play undisturbed!

► How can I join my friends temporary channel?
Join his temporary channel OR go to the “TC-Lobby” and let your friend pull / move you into the channel, then enter the password. He / She has to tell you the password. He / she can poke you or whisper to you the password or just use a messenger like WhatsApp, Discord and others.

Coming soon…