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This server is still under construction and inactive!


➥ General rules (short version):

1. Be kind & respectful!

2. Please follow the instructions of an owner / admin / moderator.

3. Keep disputes private!

4. Write and speak English in the blue ( 🟦 ) / “ENG”-Channels

5. Write and speak German in the red ( 🟥 ) / “GER”-Channels

6. In other Channels English is preferred, but you can also write / speak in German.

7. Please also pay attention to the “topic” of the channel and do not discuss a completely different one there.

8. No pornography, nude photos and the like!

9. No political discussions, calls for demonstrations or anything else!

10. Don’t be annoying or rude and don’t spam!

11. No continuous ads, no malicious links and files!

12. Don’t take advantage of the rules for “bad” things!

13. Please do not use @ + username, groupname or ‘here’ too often (that would be annoying and it’s spam!).

14. Please post all NSFW pictures in the NSFW channel (no pornography applies here either).

Editiert: 25. Dezember 2021

On this server you can create temporary channels and get news about GOS.

Alternatively, public channels can be used. Important: Never give private information, as well as passwords to strangers!

If you have any questions, please contact our Support or an Admin.

✔ We recommend you to contact our Support-Email:

You can also ask us on our Discord-Server.

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